This Post Is Not About Tim Pool

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by Hollywood Rob

You don’t need to like Tim Pool.  You don’t even need to know who Tim Pool is.  Maybe you don’t like Joe Rogan.  Maybe you hate him because he was a bad MMA fighter or maybe you love him because you liked his MMA commentary.  What is important here is that Joe and Tim can sit down with a couple of video cameras and microphones and headphones and have a conversation that is way way more important and informative that a whole day of MSM beaver shots and gay talking heads.

If you want to know more about Tim you can check out his wiki.

I am beginning to come to the conclusion that we have a dangerous situation here.  We have players, who know how to manipulate the game for their own benefit, and we have observers, who see what is going on but don’t want to engage in the game.  You can listen to both.

One group, the trumps, clintons, nina pinta cortez group is blowing “green smoke” up your ass.  They get the big bucks while you get nothing.  The other group is saying “hey this sucks.”  And they are right.  It sucks for you.  This is why sites like TBP exist.  We are all getting tired of the bullshit.  The more the green smoke is blown, the more obvious it becomes that it is green smoke.   We are the people who are getting screwed…and make no mistake.  They know that you are getting screwed and they know that their money comes from screwing you.

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This is why you can vote for whomever you want, but the agenda always stays the same.  They get rich.  You get poor.  They are smart.  You are stupid.  They do something, say getting AOC elected.  You do nothing.

I personally find it hard to spend much time with Tim Pool.  He tends to wander a bit.  But Joe Rogan keeps him focused and the JRE clips break the long form conversation down into bite sized pieces that even all of you titans of industry will have time to enjoy.

So enjoy.




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