This public school teacher paid $105,000 per year

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A spicy slip of the tongue led to a Spanish teacher being yanked from her classes after investigators found she performed an “inappropriate sexual act” during a Zoom lesson.

As students at the prestigious Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering remotely watched a “live” class, Amanda K. Fletcher, 37,  “appeared to suck the nipple of an unidentified topless male” while she “rocked her head back and forth,” according to the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools.

“Following this act, Fletcher’s face turned in full view of the screen, and she gyrated her shoulders and smiled,” the report says.

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Before that, students watched Fletcher “eating spaghetti” with the shirtless man behind her, the SCI says in a report, dated Oct. 29, 2020, obtained by The Post.

After taking her mouth off the man’s chest, Fletcher “resumed teaching and discussing a worksheet,” a student told probers.

Investigators viewed several videos of the incident, which were shared by students on Shapchat and other social media platforms, the report says.

The stunning scene took place on Sept. 30, two weeks after the city Department of Education opened the 2020-21 school year remotely.

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The alleged behavior started about 12 minutes before the class ended, while students were still present on the call, the report says.

Fletcher gave no explanation for her alleged conduct. She declined to be interviewed by SCI investigators, and did not return messages from The Post.

“This behavior is absolutely unacceptable,” DOE spokeswoman Danielle Filson said.


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