This spike in cost-push inflation better be “transitory”…

Disney – $800 hotel rooms and $100 sandwiches

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The cheapest hotel room in Disneyland in July is $463, with some costing $800
A family vacation to Disneyland – once the pinnacle of summertime for middle-class American families – will today set a family of four back more than $6,000.

With the average annual income now standing at $5,725 a month, this means a visit to the so-called ‘happiest place on earth’ is increasingly out of reach to the average American family.

And the hefty price tag comes despite pandemic-related restrictions squeezing some of the magic out of the experience.

Firework displays, shows and the iconic character parades have gone due to social distancing rules – with the first fireworks set to return for July 4.

And yet, instead of slashing the prices to make up for the disappointment, costs have continued to climb.


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