This story is being killed in news rooms all around the world

Media’s Deafening Silence On Latest WikiLeaks Drops Is Its Own Scandal

WikiLeaks has published yet another set of leaked internal documents from within the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) adding even more material to the mountain of evidence that we’ve been lied to about an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria last year which resulted in airstrikes upon that nation from the US, UK and France.

New Evidence of OPCW Manufactured Nonexistent Douma Chemical Weapons Incident, Syria Report, Promoted “Fake News”

The so-called OPCW chemical watchdog lost all credibility, breaching its mandate time and again, operating as a pro-Western imperial agent, not a Chemical Weapons Convention implementing body.

The Nobel committee should order the organization to return its 2013 peace prize, awarded “for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons,” adding:

“The conventions and the work of the OPCW have defined the use of chemical weapons as a taboo under international law.”

Reality Check: The OPCW manufactured a nonexistent CW incident in Douma, Syria, Damascus falsely blamed for what didn’t happen.

In Syria, it’s serving as a implementing body for US-led Western and Israeli interests, abandoning hard truths for fake news.

In mid-December, WikiLeaks released evidence on how the organization doctored its report on an alleged April 7, 2018 CW attack in Douma, Syria.

The so-called incident was fake news, a US/NATO-staged false flag, Syria wrongfully blamed for a victimless nonevent.

Douma eyewitnesses and medical personal confirmed that no one in Douma was hospitalized or became ill from exposure to chemical or other toxins.

In 2018, Russian technical experts experts found no evidence of chemical or other toxins in Douma soil samples and other analysis of the site.

Documents obtained by WikiLeaks showed that the OPCW doctored information in a redacted version of its initial Douma report.




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