THIS Tech Stock Had A Major Sell Off and Funds Keep Dumping More! Crisis Ahead!

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The stock market has behaved wildly in the last few weeks, as the Fed tightening and trade issues still plague the markets. In the previous quarter, funds have been selling off particular stocks and it’s quite interesting to see what companies want to get rid of at this time. Recalibrating the portfolios and perhaps preparing for more downside. It looks like 2019 is going to be very interesting.


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Here’s What Funds Piled Into or Exited Last Quarter

Funds Holding FB

Five US tech giants spend combined $115bn on buying back stock

Bezos tells employees, “One day, Amazon will fail” and to stay hungry

Cramer says CEOs are telling him off the record the economy has cooled

SP-500-Recessions-Dating-NBER-102418.png (1492×973)

SP-500-Recessions-Dating-NBER-Table-102418.png (1316×458)

Wells Fargo laying off 400 Des Moines workers as it cuts 1,000 jobs across U.S.

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