This video about the recent strikes in Iraq demonstrates why Tucker Carlson is one of the most interesting voices in mainstream media today.

by DontTreadOnMe16

Many people hate him just because he’s the Fox News poster boy. But anyone that reads his books or watches his interviews on podcasts knows that he’s far more reasonable than most people give him credit for. Hell, on many social and economic issues he’s closer to Bernie Sanders than he is to President Trump. And his foreign policy positions are closer to those of Ron Paul.

In this video, Tucker shows that he is still one of the few voices in mainstream media that seems to be allowed to tell the truth for some reason, and I still don’t understand why. During prime time on Fox News, while every other show on Fox and even CNN and NBC and the rest of the Mockingbird media are supporting it, he’s allowed to give a real take on the recent assassination of Solimani that I would bet 99% of the users here would agree with.

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Trump won with his rhetoric on non-interventionism. If he gets us into another war with Iran, that’d be pretty much the last straw for me.

Curiois to see if there are any users here that disagree with Tucker’s position on the recent assassination of Soleimani, because I believe on this issue he is dead on, regardless of your political affiliation (unless you’re a neocon, but I don’t see many neocons that participate very much around here).


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