This Video Contains All The Evidence To Prosecute Hillary Clinton And To Fire FBI Director James Comey Now!

by Pamela Williams
This is an amazing video that has brilliantly been put together.  The pieces that were linked together from hearings in Congress in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email case and FBI Director James Comey’s testimony in that case, are really major links in the chain of evidence.
They prove the “intent” Hillary Clinton had in the mishandling of classified material that Director Comey said he could not find.  Trey Gowdy brilliantly lays it out for him, making Comey look like the incompetent fool he is.  This is so overwhelmingly proven, there is no doubt Comey intentionally covered up for Hillary Clinton.
It also lays the trail of evidence of “surveillance” of Trump Tower.  It is a really an important video, and I intend to archive this page.  I truly believe if I do not it might be lost.  I am going to add the video here.
Now, I want to point out that New York Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara’s firing by AG Sessions has been repeatedly talked about in the last few days.  It is perfectly normal to let Federal Attorneys go when one Administration comes in after another.   Especially in a situation President Trump has faced with Obama appointees just waiting in the wings to set Trump up.
Preet Bharara was left with the case of Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, and Hillary Clinton, or rather it was assigned to him after he made a request for it.  An attorney in North Carolina could have taken it, as a defendant in NC was involved with Anthony Weiner.  But Bharara got it, but what did he do with it?  Anyone who knows, please comment on the post.
We have The Powers That Be protecting Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Huma Abedin from prosecution.  Not only that, they are protecting those involved in the surveillance of Trump Tower from coming forward with the truth.
Trey Gowdy proved that James Comey lied about not being able to prosecute Clinton, as he did not have “intent of wrongdoing”….this video proves he did have that evidence; therefore, Director James Comey should be fired from the FBI pronto.
Thus, this video proves Hillary Clinton is guilty in her email investigation, and it further proves Trump Tower was surveilled, and even further it proves FBI Director James Comey has lied in both situations.  Unbelievably he told the Department of Justice to ignore President Trump’s statement that he was “wiretapped”…that The President was wrong in what he was saying.
FBI Director James Comey is guilty, guilty, and more guilty.  New York Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara needs to quit complaining and tell the public why he has not moved on with the Weiner/Abedin/Clinton case.  He had even said he was investigating the Clinton Foundation.  What gives, Bharara?  What gives, James Comey?
Both of you owe the people of the United States explanations now.  What are you hiding?  Who are you protecting?  Why are you protecting them?  You were supposed to be working to solve crimes against us!  You were not supposed to be protecting criminals!  

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