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“You All Are Delusional If You Think This Is Going to Keep Us Safe” – MUST SEE: Lucretia Hughes Speaks to Congress and Gun-Grabbers After Her Son was Shot Dead Point-Blank in the Head by Criminal with an Illegal Gun (VIDEO)

Lucretia Hughes, with the DC Project Women for Gun Rights, spoke to the US Congress on Wednesday.

Lucretia told the lawmakers the story on how her son was shot and killed point-blank in the head while playing dominos with friends.

She then attacked the gun control lobbyists and politicians who claim that their policies will save lives and reduce violence.

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“Those policies did not save my son. The laws being discussed are already implemented in cities across this country. We have decades of evidence proving they do not work. St. Louis, New York, Chicago, Washington, and Atlanta are gun control utopias and they are plagued with the most violent. Ten more laws, 20 more laws, a thousand more won’t make what is already illegal, more wrong or stopped criminals from committing these crimes,” Lucretia asserted.

“You all are delusional if you think this is going to keep us safe,” Lucretia added.

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