Thousands of Migrants Pour Across The Alps Headed for France and Germany… Teachers Seek Help to Cope with Rising Islamic Extremism in the Classroom

Thousands of migrants are attempting to traverse the Alps to get out of Italy to their preferred destinations of Germany and other Northern European countries.
Volunteers working with migrants in the region say that they are finding more and more migrants with injuries sustained from extremely cold temperatures. They say that thousands of migrants are attempting to cross the Alps and that many end up in hospital, Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.
Joel Pruvot, a male nurse who works with a group that helps migrants at the Briancon ski resort near the French border with Italy, said that he sees many migrants who need medical attention after trying to cross the mountains.
“We regularly see people who have frozen their feet, but luckily we usually get the feeling back, only if we can intervene quickly,” Pruvot said and added: “But many must also be taken to a hospital to get medicine that boosts blood circulation.”
According to the volunteers, around half of the migrants they see are boys in their teens.
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Teachers Seek Help to Cope with Rising Islamic Extremism in the Classroom

Rising fundamentalism amongst Muslim youths in Germany is sparking alarm in the nation’s schools, with more and more teachers seeking help in dealing with radicalised pupils.
Since October last year, a hotline set up by the Federal Ministry for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has increasingly been inundated with calls from teachers and school mental health workers concerned about Islamic extremism.
“Most of the children have grown up in a Salafist environment — that is to say, their parents are radicalised,” said Florian Endres, from Nuremberg Advisory Centre on Radicalisation.
Domestic intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maassen warned in December that support for radical Islam was at “an all-time high”, with the number of Salafists identified by authorities as living in Germany having grown to 10,800 from just 3,700 in 2011.
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