Judge Calls Out Past Presidential Administration, CIA, FBI & Mess Its All Become

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by Thinker

Donald Trump has been the most transparent president since John F. Kennedy, and those who have done wrong and have something to hide are worried about it. Anyone talking about who Trump pardons should look at the pardons of past presidents. Is there the fear that Trump might just release jailed decorated Veteran and FBI agent who has been wrongly held in prison way beyond the time required. A man locked away to prevent his testimony of the cocaine dealing CIA/gun running Iran Contra scandal. How do his fellow agents or anyone with integrity look the other way and let this man rot in a prison that he doesn’t belong in. The system is broken and Trump seems to be the first president in a long time who isn’t doing favors for liars, thieves, and anyone who isn’t for supporting the people and truth.



Time to reflect on the faces that thought Hillary had the presidency in the hat, and laughed about Trump even trying. Look for those same people to speak out against him. Some people don’t lose well and its showing by past administration politicians keeping Trump in hearing and not letting him run the country. Whose laughing now?

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HILLARIOUS!! DEMS EAT UP THEIR VORMITS ” TRUMP WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT ” 2016 REPLAY – The faces that counted chickens before they hatched.



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