Former NSA Susan Rice Blasts Trump on G7 Forgetting Her Own Past Faults Under Obama

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by Thinker

When is the Hillary Clan gonna realize that they lost? Myself like them can’t understand how it happened, but it did and everyone just has to get used to it. As I will continue to say and I’ve heard it confirmed, that Divine intervention stepped in to do what others haven’t. To many children are crying on planet Earth and they can be heard throughout the universe. In the days after becoming president, Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp and that meant getting rid of the liars, cheaters, pedophiles, and anyone who didn’t want to play with a clean deck of cards. Well, the punches are being thrown and revealing to the people who really was for the people and who has lived for profits, wars, weapons, and pedophilia.

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One after the other from the Obama/Clinton administration and Hollywood are coming out to criticize the actions of the sitting president of the United States. Many like Susan Rice on Face the Nation is speaking like she is still in her former role. While she can criticize the president for his actions, what did she really do while she sat in her position that people can see was good for the country? If you find an answer, please put it in the reply. Former ambassador to the U.N. and President Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice sits down with Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation.”

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Trey Gowdy Questions Susan Rice About Leaks And Lies

Judge not, least ye be judged. The real truth everyone is hiding is what happened in Libya, that goes all the way back to the Franklin Scandal. Pedophiles are losing control of the government…what next? Children freed, families united, countries at peace?


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