Three charts of the UST 10Y. With bonus ominous trend line. Is this the reason for recent strength?

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I COULD NOT be less surprised that the UST 10Y yield has recently been “unexpectedly” falling. The whole mainstream clueless muppet consensus belief that sustained inflation is coming is hopelessly wrong IMO. The Treasury market is the wisest on the planet. Listen to it not the fucking Fed derps. The Red Line Of Death is beckoning us. If you haven’t seen this coming for some time, well this chart has been showing it for 36 years so a slight case of wilful blindness I guess.
Three scenarios to choose from:
[1] UST 10Y doesn’t go negative ever.
[2] It does but nothing diabolical happens.
[3] It does because a financial crisis is occurring or its going negative kicks one off. Then the question is how bad will shit get?

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