Three Star General Lies Under Obama Administration No Jail Time -Gen. Flynn Shafted?

by Thinker

How is it that a General under the Obama/Clinton administration can lie under oath in front of a committee and not go to jail, and now under Trump administration and in a room without a camera, General Flynn was said to have lied and now they want jail time for him???

Three Star General lies to Trey Gowdy, instantly regrets it

The judicial system in the U.S. is broken!!!

Flashback 2016 – Clinton lied under oath at least four times – House Committee letter and she isn’t in jail…Mueller protected???

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A letter signed by two House committee chairmen says that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have broken the law and lied under oath when testifying before Congress. The letter says that Clinton may have perjured herself on four separate occasions. Neither Clinton nor her campaign have responded to the letter’s claims. RT’s Caleb Maupin reports.

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All eyes are on General Flynn’s case, and wondering where the military commanders with honor are to speak up and call bias. Was General Flynn not on the Obama side of the “red line” like the three star general who lied and Hillary??? Clearly the system is broken and General Flynn isn’t getting the justice he deserves, but what seems to be retaliation!!!




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