TIL: Clinton’s Kosovo war made extensive use of depleted Uranium, leaving Serbia with one of highest rates of cancer per capita in Europe

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by kambalkeeda

Title says it all. I had no idea that such an extreme act of evil had been wantonly committed.

Some links,

  1. NATO fired some 30,000 rounds of depleted uranium munitions in Kosovo (2012)


  1. “We found some radiation in the middle of villages where children were playing,” said Mr. Haavisto, a former environment minister of Finland who headed the United Nations inquiry in Kosovo (2001)


  1. Call for ban on radioactive shells as EU investigates link with soldiers’ cancer deaths (2001)


  1. NATO use of depleted uranium in bombing Yugoslavia was ecocide on planetary scale

15 tonnes of depleted uranium were dropped on Serbia during the three months of the NATO aggression. After that, Serbia has seen the highest rate of malicious tumors in Europe, with more than 30,000 people diagnosed with cancer in the first 10 years since the bombing. Between 10,000 and 18,000 of them died (2018)


At the risk of sounding crass, are there any who will stand for these people and others and say “never again”! Why is Clinton not on an electric chair for massive war crimes (i know nothings happening, it’s a rhetorical statement, sadly)




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