Tim Dillon: ‘Comedy No Longer About Funny’

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He’s not alone, of course.

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The dearth of mainstream movie comedies, particularly R-rated romps in the “Old School” tradition, is difficult to deny.

Political correctness, woke bylaws or just fear of Cancel Culture mobs block many comedies from ever being greenlit, let alone ushered into production.

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Just ask Todd Phillips, the director of “Old School” who gave up on comedy for those very reasons.

Even the director behind some of the 21st century’s most reliable comedies can’t bring the yuks these days. Adam McKay of “Step Brothers” and “Anchorman” fame now makes serious satires sans his ex-conspirator, Will Ferrell.

McKay films like “Vice” and “The Big Short” take a sober look at GOP politicians and the financial markets, respectively, hoping to make us laugh and think.

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Sadly, they often reveal his condescending approach to anyone with whom he disagrees.

Dillon hasn’t seen McKay’s latest, “Don’t Look Up, an awards season darling with some withering reviews.



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