Timcast proves AOC lied about her Capitol story. It’s way worse than you thought.

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A summary of some of the lies exposed in the video. She said She took shelter behind her door just before the pro-Trump attackers break into her officer and make it clear they were coming for her ”I just hear these yells of ”WHERE IS SHE WHERE IS SHE” AOC recalls

AOC said at 1:01pm, 11 minutes before Trump finished his speech, AOC heard banging and thought it was Trump supporters trying to get inside, but this was literally an hour before anyone had breached the Capitol building. Not only was she not in the building, the story she told happened an hour and 10 minutes before ANYONE breached the Capitol building.

What made AOC think a pro Trump group had gotten inside when no one had even breached the Capitol building yet? No one thought it was possible anyone would be able to breach the Capitol building how did she know?

h/t Normiesreeee69


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