Tips for Building Corporate Identity for New Businesses

COVID has put a stop to many businesses. However, it has also seen the rise of innovative startups and ventures that are looking to establish their niche. Defining your product/service is important but creating a unique corporate identity is crucial while networking and scaling one’s business. 

For instance, Amazon has a corporate identity of one of the most valued brands in the world today! 

Building a corporate identity helps you:

  1. Become a recognizable brand. 
  2. Attract your target audience easily. 
  3. Be the go-to-solution provider in your industry

Here are a few tips you can implement to build your business’s corporate identity. 


You need to understand your sector, its stakeholders, and your target consumer to build a unique identity for your business. Your identity needs to resonate with your customer and tide over your competitors. 

Create different personas and identify with each persona and how you can cater to it. This will help you be a holistic solution provider where you are aware of most of your consumers preferences, dislikes, purchasing habits, etc.

Once you have zeroed in on your target audience, move on to competitive research. To build a better identity than your customer, you need to figure out their drawbacks and how you can fill that gap. 

Most importantly, take feedback from your employees. Ask them about their thoughts with respect to the product, the work culture, and business processing. Your employees are your first customers and their insight will be a data gold-mine to be a better company as well as a service provider. 

Assets and Collaterals

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You have now built a rough sketch about your new business and you are ready to take it to the world. This is where creative assets come to play. During these times, it is not sufficient to have a functional identity, you need to create an image that is reliable as well as fun and engaging. 

Pump in some creativity when you create your brand assets like logos, business cards, websites, virtual brochures, and much more. Ensure that you don’t overstep on the creative domain. 

While creating your corporate assets, follow the three pillars of clarity, functionality, and creativity. This will help create your corporate identity and easier pathway for consumers to recognize as well as resonate with your brand. 

Narrate Your Story

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication and recording which prevails till today. 

So why not use this ancient art form to create your corporate identity?

Every brand has a story and consumers are always eager to dive into the narrative. Leverage the popularity of social media and other forums to tell the idea behind your story. 

You can start with the inspiration behind the idea and what problem do you want to solve with your brand. Tell your brand about your ideologies and mission, and what do you wish to achieve via your new business. 

Fine Tuning and Refinement

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While you are creating this identity for your new business, over time, your brand will undergo iterations. It is important to change with the times and tweak your identity as per the latest trends while staying firm to your roots. 

For instance, if you are adding a new service or a product to your repository, undertake stringent testing to ensure that it is in line with your offering. You can also include new reforms and regulations to support the new culture and traditions of the ongoing times.

These are just some ideas to build a robust corporate identity for your new business and help your company scale to new heights.  


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