TO BE FAIR, THAT’S ITS GOAL: Critical race theory makes race relations worse: 43% yes, 24% no.

via washingtonexaminer:

As the nation rips through revisions to how it looks at racism, there is a growing concern that the effort might not have the expected outcome and make race relations worse.

In the latest evidence of that, the outcry in some of the nation’s school systems over teaching “critical race theory” and that America is inherently racist is dividing the nation like few other issues.

Overall, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey said that 43% of voters polled said the teachings would make race relations worse. Just 24% said it would make relations better.

But the partisan divide is much wider. Some 67% of Republicans said critical race theory is divisive, while Democrats, by a 43% to 18% margin, believe it will make relations better.

SURE, MSM, DO CRY WOLF SOME MORE:  Panicked Media Escalates Disinformation War Against Critical Race Theory Opponents.

“This [CRT] issue is like something that was created out of thin air by a couple of producers at right-wing media outlets and all of a sudden, now school boards all across the country are dealing with something they did not know was an issue,” NBC News’ Chuck Todd falsely claimed Tuesday.

YES. Parents seeing through educrats’ lies about critical race theory can ‘fight the power’ and win.

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THE INDOCTRINATION ISN’T GOING AS WELL AS HOPED: Media Panics Over Mounting Opposition to Critical Race Theory. “The best evidence that the resistance to CRT is gaining and posing a threat to Democrats is that the mainstream media is trying to marginalize and demonize the movement the way it attacked the Tea Party.”

ANALYSIS: TRUE. John McWhorter: You Are Not A Racist to Criticize Critical Race Theory.


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