To enter Canada you must be double vaxed or quarantine for 14 days. Well unless your an elite athlete.

The double standard hypocrisy is mind blowing.

“The Toronto Raptors announced Monday that visiting players who are unvaccinated will be allowed in under the “national interest exemption.”

Wait a minute, I thought Trudeau said that what was in the national interest for everyone to be vaccinated.

He promised that every civil servant, every air and train passenger, and every Liberal candidate would be vaccinated to protect you and those who cannot get vaccinated. As for the idea that testing was an alternative, Trudeau was dismissive.

“Testing doesn’t prevent you from ending up in the ICU,” Trudeau said earlier this month.

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Testing is fine for pro athletes, though. If they aren’t vaccinated, they need a negative test to enter the country.

These rules don’t apply just to the NBA, they also apply to the Toronto Blue Jays and every NHL team in Canada. Athletes are being given exemptions not given to average citizens or their families who may want to come to Canada for a visit.”


h/t Johnny Balls


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