To The IWB Family – Help Us Get Through The Storm – If You Can.

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As you know, IWB had to make a difficult transition to an upgraded system and server.  We have had so many technical issues, unfortunately we developed a corrupt database. It has been a costly upgrade to say the least.

Although I am just a writer here, and I have no participation in the technical side of IWB, I know how many DDoS attacks we have dealt with.  Sometimes I feel responsible, as I tend to write many controversial articles.

Many times I have often quit writing due to my own attacks, but IWB has always encouraged me to continue.  Never has IWB refused to publish what I write, and if we lose this publication it will be an extreme loss to me.  I hope it would be to you, too.

I believe in IWB, and I have watched as the publisher and owner of this site has boldly moved forward as he fought the enemy hiding out in cyberspace.  Here at IWB we do not shy away from publishing the content you need to read to stay informed of the truth as we find and believe it to be.

Frankly, I have found the truth from most of you, as we have such an educated and wise family here.  I listen to you, and write with you in mind. No matter what happens, I want you to know personally how much your input and companionship in this battle means to me.

I received information today that IWB is struggling and may not be able to stay afloat.  I was extremely saddened, but I know Alt Media is under attack. How do we survive when we are losing support from advertisers?  

It is difficult to ask for help, as I know that every single one of you are struggling, too.

That is why I am saying, help if you can.  Help if you need IWB in your life.

The owner of IWB would never ask for help if he did not need it.

If you consider making a donation, remember that every penny is a link in the chain.  Every donation – regardless of how little you think it is – is a vital unit which we need to continue to stay up and running.

I know it is not the news you wanted to hear, but it is the truth of what we are dealing with at IWB.


Ruby Henley

Donate Today, Monthly, if You Can.

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