To those claiming that banning conservatives from social media is fine as long as its by a private company

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by skindoe


If you also believe that Russian Twitter bots and $20k worth of Facebook ad money was a big part in Trump winning the election?

How can you hold the following two ideas in your mind.

1) It is unacceptable for unregulated entities to influence elections using social media


2) It is okay for Twitter to shadow ban conservative ideas and removing any user they disagree with, thereby directly influencing our elections

If you are going to argue that Russia is a foreign state and this is different than Twitter which is a private company you should at least recognize and address the following key similarities.

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First and foremost the idea that they are both unelected and unregulated. When Twitter promotes its own agendas by only showing ideas it agrees with it directly impacts our democratic process in the same way that Russia did.

Many of you are completely against large corporations running the government, but if Twitter is able to only show things that favor it’s own interests and silence opposing viewpoints and candidates then you have to acknowledge that it plays a huge part in our political system and therefore should be treated as a political entity.

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The problem is that many are so ingrained in the identity politics culture that they cannot see the trap at the end of the tunnel they are being led down.

We should hold the same standard to both sides. If you think Twitter has the power to influence our political system then it should be regulated as such and we should be able to speak any political or religious opinion as long as it is lawful.




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