To those who have had to close permanently.

Sharing is Caring!

by Codex432

Don’t ever feel bad about having to look for a new job. You took a risk, which didn’t work out due to extraordinary circumstances, but at least you tried. Some people never take that chance – they sit at their desk, collect their pay and go home. That’s okay, too. It’s just a different path.

Being a small business owner, whether successful or not, shows that you have the courage, the brains, the ambition, and the passion to reach towards something bigger.

Those are all great qualities.

Most importantly, it shows you have the ability to get things done. You took an idea and made it real. You put in so much time and effort filling out those forms, sourcing products, creating a client base, and transforming nothing into something. Not many people can say they did that.

It didn’t work out, through no fault of your own, but you learned more than some people do in a lifetime. You learned about business, about people and customer relations, about marketing, about taxes and loans, about profit and loss, and mostly about your passion.

I know it seems like everything you’ve worked for is crumbling, and it might be, but just know that you’ll be okay. You’re smarter, more organized, and more ambitious than most other people. Even if you can’t reopen your business, you’ll find something new because you can. I have no doubt.

And never be ashamed by what type of job you might have to get. Whether it’s office work or slinging burgers, hard work is good and honest work. Never feel bad because your trying to provide for your family and for making sure there’s food on the table.

We’ll all get through this one way or another. Together.



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