Today I lowered my internet bill from $60 to $30. Do not be afraid to ask

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by K3rn3l_pAn1k

I have Xfinity and my last deal expired this month meaning my internet bill (I pay for internet only, no interest whatsoever in voice or TV) went from $39 to $59 (before taxes).

Well, today I decided it was too much so I started calling their cancellation department. I spoke with 5 different people, they all tried to either sell me more stuff(TV, premium channels, more speed,etc) or gave me “deals” that would lower my bill like $5.

I did not give up, finally spoke with someone willing to help(yes,they all can but some might not want to). The agent was able to get me another 1 year deal for Performance Internet (~ 65 Mbps downloads) for $39.

My tactics?

  1. Tried being nice. (Did not work)
  2. Tried saying I would straight cancel my service and go with another provider(Worked on the second attempt)

So, here is my advice, do not be afraid to say you are cancelling your service. Be firm and do not let them convince you they can not help, the can.


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