Today is going to be quite an interesting day, I never thought I would read the following line in a major story on the BBC…

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“White House ‘to release’ secret memo on FBI, which reportedly says the FBI misled an intelligence court to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump election campaign.”

I have noticed an abnormally large amount of noise attempting to smear the content of the upcoming memo before its released, which lead me to believe it was going to be something that would shake this Republic to its very core.
But today, it seems even outlets like the BBC have been forced to come to terms with the fact that there is about to be open revolt by members of Congress (and even the President himself) if it is indeed true that a domestic political campaign was spied on by intelligence agencies.
What is perhaps most fascinating about the entire situation is that if Republicans in Congress become disillusioned and angered over the actions of the intelligence community, it then becomes entirely possible that they would refuse to support a vote for impeachment were Trump to fire Muller.
One would imagine that these kind of programs have no bounds, but many in Congress no doubt feel that campaigns (including their own!) should be sacred in some sense.
Now that there is impending confirmation that domestic intelligence agencies not only spied on a political campaign, but did so by way of manipulating a rubber stamp FISA court with a lie related to the origin of certain evidence in the case, one wonders if this might be one fight that the intelligence agencies are unable to win by way of their stranglehold over conventional media outlets.
In almost every possible way this Republic is being put to the test, and I don’t know how far the checks and balances can bend before the entire house of cards begins to collapse.
This could be quite a wild few weeks.
h/t AssuredlyAThrowAway

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