This is how the media is used by the deep state to control people. Make anyone who has an open mind seem like lunatics and crazies.

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Conspiracy theorists are already making wild claims about the Amtrak train full of Republican lawmakers that collided with a truck in Virginia

  • Conspiracy theories were spread after an Amtrak train carrying Republican lawmakers collided with a truck on Wednesday.

  • The cause of the crash has yet to be determined, and the scene is still under investigation.

Following a Wednesday-morning train crash that killed one person and severely injured another in the Washington, DC, area, conspiracy theorists attempted to commandeer the story on social media.
The Amtrak train carrying Republican lawmakers and their family members from Washington to an annual retreat in West Virginia struck a garbage truck. The incident spurred multiple conspiracy theories in light of heightened partisan bickering over the Russia investigation and accusations of law-enforcement bias against President Donald Trump.
Some of the conspiracy theories claimed the train incident was perpetrated by “deep-state” actors — a term used by fringe right-wing groups to describe rogue government employees who secretly attempt to manipulate US policy.


Conspiracy theorists are already making wild claims about the Amtrak train full of Republican lawmakers that collided with a truck in Virginia

That’s the title. Look at the wording. Conspiracy theories = wild claims.
Project Mocking Bird has been proved to be real. There is no doubt that 9/11 was an inside job. There is no freaking way JFK’s assassination was carried out solely by Oswald. There is absolute proof that the US military has carried out false flag operations against the people of our country. Yet the media constantly bombards us with the idea that if you think your government harms you in any way, you are crazy.
When will people realize that not everything is as it seems? Was the train crash carrying GOP members an accident? Probably. Is there a chance that it was planned? Absolutely.
Who are the crazy ones? The ones that believe that there are people in this world who would do ANYTHING for power or the ones that blindly believe that the US govt is an all huggy-dori peace loving, kumbaya singing, honest people that would never even dream of assassinations.
This brainwashing of the people to reject all possibilities is a deliberate act. It is planned and designed. Do not fall for it. Question everything. If something seems ridiculous to you, then dismiss it. But make that judgement for yourself. Do not let others make that judgement for you.
h/t psy_raven

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