Today is the day you find Atlantis. It’s right here, on Google Earth, hidden in plain sight.

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by jaquescelveti

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Atlantis:

  • DMS: 21° 7′ 26.4″ N, 11° 24′ 7.2″ W
  • Decimal: 21.124, -11.402

Google Maps link.

(But it’s best to look at it in Google Earth. See below why).

Before you ask: it’s called the Richat structure, or the Eye of the Sahara. It is so huge it’s visible from space.

It is a complete and utter geological mystery. It used to be believed to be a meteor crater, but that was quickly ruled out. The hypothesis is now that it is a volcanic phenomenon: a half-baked eruption that subsequently collapsed on itself. Whatever it is, everyone agrees it was severely eroded.

Atlantis can’t be in the Western Sahara, you say? Well, the evidence is overwhelming.

1) The Sahara was not always a desert.

That part of the Western Sahara in particular is ridden with sea shells. Look at the structure closely, and you will see traces of water flowing everywhere.

2) Place the Atlantic ocean 300m higher (or the Western Sahara 300m lower), and the “Eye of the Sahara” would be in the center of an island, with canals flowing into it.

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3) It is the very same shape and very same dimensions as described by Plato (Timaeus and Critias) (when you add-up the lengths you get a total diameter of 127 stadia or about 77’000 feet / 23.5 km, see sources at the end).

4) That’s pretty much where Herodote (450 BC) places Atlantis.

5) Look at this: 21° 0’54.18″N 11°50’8.83″W. This smaller circle is about 4 kilometers in diameter. Do you believe this is natural too? Quite amazing.

6) Look at this (zoom in very closely): 21° 8’13.16″N 11°29’32.37″W. You see all those parallel lines? Are these ruins of ship docks? You’ll find them in several places on that western side of the eye.

7) Look at the coast due West of the Eye of the Sahara. Do you see traces of a tsunami or other cataclysm here? MudFossil University speculates the whole Sahara sea was drained (zoom out and you’ll see what he means).

8) Doesn’t it indeed look like an eye? You’ve got the eyelid and everything. Is this the “eye of horus”? Atlanteans are said to have migrated east after the deluge, to the highlands of Ethiopia, where they became kings, and subsequently the pharaos of Egypt.

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9) If you download the NGDC ETOPO1 kms file for Google Earth, you get to see fine Earth relief in color.

Look around, you’ll see other cool things around the Eye of the Sahara.

Please share coordinates in the comment section.

If people built this, they were indeed “gods”.

This Youtube video is the one that broke the news to the masses.

The documentary he refers to at the end, Visiting Atlantis, can be viewed for free on Youtube. Here is Part 1.

The Youtube channel MudFossil University also has good content (search Atlantis or Sahara in his channel), with crazy stuff like the giant antediluvian fish & dragon that became mountains 🙂

TLDR: Now you know where Atlantis was located, and where the “eye of Horus” design comes from. Cool day huh?


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