TODAY MSM news in Argentina. GAS shortages stopping CROPS transportation.

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This is INFOBAE: Similar to USA TODAY here homepage …

gas shortages for food exports in Argentina


Since gas prices are officially under heavy subsided, neighbor countries come to grab it from Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil.

First I started reading that USA gov was paying US farmers
not to produce foods.

Then I read that John Deere was making difficult farmers to get their spare parts for their machinery.

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Now I see rivers mysteriously getting dry.

And now they are blocking or stopping transportation of food because of lack of diesel oil.


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This should bring hunger in the most vulnerable countries: north of Africa. they depend on wheat from Russia , Ukraine.

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Argentina is top #4 meat producer and agro producer of the world

It is being said that production in Ukraine is stopped.
And Russia is mostly blocked.

So it is a global mess.

Are reptilians trying to create lower vibrations for us?

With famine, war, disease? this is too much!
They are trying all the cards at the same time!




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