Too Little, Too Late, Countless People Already Died a Horrible Death!

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by Chris Black

Murdering someone with Remdesivir and a ventilator paid handsomely, to the tune of a couple hundred thousand federally guaranteed dollars for each kill.

Sending people home to get better on their own doesn’t pay a dime.

Hospital boards read like roll call at temple on a Saturday night.

They don’t give a damn about the health of a patient, only how much cash they can skim off your corpse.

It also helped further the narrative and get people to line up for the kill shots, also federally guaranteed cash for each jab.

They were “free” but paid for with taxes and printed dollars.

We’re paying with double digit inflation because of Convid-19.

Slowly some people who I’ve been telling since March of 2020 are coming around.

Hearing, “How did you know?, gets old.

Renaming the flu, sinus infections, colds, pneumonia, and more serious things like legionnaires, Convid, had a great effect.

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It taught the government that 75% of the population will do whatever the government asks of them without question. 30% will become skull cracking brownshirts and relish in their new found power to scream at the uncompliant.

Convid gave an excuse to rescue a bankrupt biotech that government stooges invested billions in.

Those same stooges then cashed out becoming even more mega rich when the shares of that company soared.

The elites got to inject billions of people with a deadly shot they claimed was a vaccine.

It didn’t work, because there was nothing that shot could protect you from. Millions of people were still going to get colds, flu, sinus infections, and everything else that made people sick since the dawn of time.

Convid even allowed globalists to steal elections around the world and force people to swallow The Agenda.

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They knew people would never accept it willingly, but tell them they’ll die if they don’t and that 75% will stand in line to be slaughtered like cattle.

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