Tools for the Tool belt: Combating censorship

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by meltingspark

Here are a few tools I use to enhance my posts. As well as combat anything from being taken down. At the core, the solution right now is a quick method to document that something happened.

I will start with tools, and then we can get to post enhancement.

Tools for Windows

Green shot is a extremely powerful tool. Once installed the print screen button turns into a instantly available public link that gets uploaded to imgur.

A dialog appears where you have options to, save, edit, copy, print, or upload your screencap.

It also allows you to view upload history, and delete your old uploads, all without ever visiting the site.

A more credible, but slower method of saving a website.

It is also a one click method to backing up your information.

The site also provides a searchable index of anything that has ever been saved. Can’t tell you how many times this has come in handy for me.

This is a script that allows for download of youtube videos (and a wide variety of other sites) with a quick copy paste.

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Here is how. Don’t be intimidated by scripts. It’s an extremely simple process.

  1. Download the script here:
  2. Drag it to your desktop.
  3. Open cmd, drag the script to cmd.
  4. Paste your link and watch it do its magic.

A free, privacy respecting encyrpted file hosting service to share your censored videos or documents. I use this one in extreme cases where I have no other option. WARNING this method requires trust. Do not blindly open these links as they can contain anything. Generally speaking, It’s pretty easy for me to give a censored video a download. If your hosting your own archives, you are probably doing it for the right reasons. This is a last resort for me though.

You can share any folder or file with a link here. The link will not trace back to your identity as long as you pick a throwaway display name. Here is what other users get when you share a file. It tracks the amount of downloads, and as an extra bonus, you can add a password if you want to ensure your file is going to one place.

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Post Enhancement

Makes your shitty cluttered mess, easy, quick, and efficient to convey your post.

It also provides many other tools, but this is the main feature I utilize.

Linux Users

  • imgur-upload, youtube-dl y’all can figure it out.

The internet is in a influence war. We have to use the tools we have to efficiently combat misinformation with quickly accessible credible sources. Screen shots are generally less credible to most users seeking information. Use screenshots to enhance a post, not provide its credibility.

As an added bonus, these types of information are far less susceptible to analytics. I didn’t leave this site more than twice while making this post and yet it links to 20 places. The more you can complexify the information, the less likely a bot can understand the information. If you can extrapolate trends, you can influence those trends. That is the direction where are headed. These are the tools to combat.


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