Top 10 Ways to OUTSMART the Plandemic Boondoggle and come out of it healthy and wise

by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) Has Covid-19 got you stressed to the max, losing money, borrowing money, eating unhealthy, worried, weakened and panicky? That’s the goal of the globalist trolls who planned the whole thing. Don’t get sucked into the vortex, the undertow, the labyrinth of idiocy and paranoia. The sooner you recognize that it’s no conspiracy theory that our current government is led by Marxists who want all Americans sick, broke and voting for free stuff, the sooner you can take action towards your own preservation, for surviving and thriving now and beyond this dark period. Don’t try to fight all the twisted ‘logic” and hypocrisy, but rather circumvent it and outsmart it. You can do this. Here’s a blue-print plan.

Top 10 Ways to Outsmart the Locked-down, Masked-up, Dumbed-Down Boondoggle

#1. Eat cleaner – Eat healthier, since most schools and more jobs are virtual, you can shop for most of your meals and make them at home. Stick to whole, organic food that’s not processed and doesn’t contain gluten, canola oil, or bleach. Learn some food preservation and stocking tips from Natural Health News.

#2. Start or grow your own online business. Be creative or just show off your skills. Keep it simple and organic, and people will follow you and buy what you sell.

#3. Ramp up your supplements and superfoods – stock up on vitamins B-12, C, D, zinc, oil of oregano, garlic, cinnamon, licorice root, chaga mushrooms, maca, mucuna, trace minerals, chia seeds, and you get the picture.

#4. Home Gym – Order some workout equipment for your home and get in (and stay in) great shape. Whether it’s outfits and balls for yoga, TRX straps and dumbbells for lifting, or just some great running shoes for long jogs while listening to your favorite tunes, get what you want and need to get fully functional at home. Then rip into it, burn that fat off, and fuel that longevity!

#5. Start cleansing your body regularly (natural detox) – look into intermittent fasting, colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, dandelion root, diatomaceous earth, milk thistle, cranberry, figs, organic raw sprouted fiber, ginger powder, slippery elm, and more.

#6. Get your money out of the stock market, 401k’s, real estate – anything that can “crash” overnight. Buy land, gold, healthy storable food, and grow your own business that can’t be wrecked by the coming financial/economic tsunami.

#7. Learn self-defense (it’s your divine right) or improve the skills you have now, plus be sure and be armed, at least at your home.

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#8. Avoid being vaccinated with dirty vaccines (all of them now) or prescribed new medicine, with horrific side effects as described on the warning panel, by quack doctors who think anything made in a laboratory is 100 percent safe and effective.

#9. Simplify your life, your belongings, and be frugal — streamline everything you have and all that you do — clean your house, your car, your shed, your closet. Sell everything you don’t absolutely need and don’t buy new stuff you don’t need. If you ever need to bug out (hit the road fast to find a new place to stay or live), you won’t have the time to sift through a million things to figure out what’s important and needed. Do it now.

#10. Figure out who your real, reliable friends, relatives, neighbors and coworkers are right now — the easiest way to do that is to ask yourself if they would help you or kill you to survive, if they were stranded with you after a shipwreck or plane crash.

Get smart, stay prepared, and read only truth news

If you don’t read the Gateway Pundit, you might want to put that on your favorites bar. Good solid reporting does still exist folks, you just have to know where to look. Stay on top of your game. Keep your personality and positive attitude flowing at all times. Use your critical thinking skills as much as possible. Eat clean and supplement. Don’t forget to tune your internet dial to for updates on the value of gold, land and food, as the financial tsunami and US Civil War II approaches.

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