Top 10 ways Trump has helped Putin/Russia

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by James

  • Calling for other countries to contribute more funding to NATO.
  • Calling for countries like Germany stop helping Russia’s economy by buying their oil and natural gas from Russia.
  • Calling for Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine.
  • Arming and training Ukraine to combat Russia, something Obama wouldnt do.
  • Bombing Russia’s ally, the Syrian Government, when they crossed lines, something Obama again wouldnt do.
  • Bombing 200 of Russia’s most utilized mercenaries in Syria.
  • Maintaining old, and implementing new, economic sanctions against Russia.
  • Immediately implemented an Executive Order to strengthen our federal governments Cyber Security, in response to reports of foreign interference.
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And the BIG ONES….

  • Hasn’t called Putin a mean name in the media, because unlike others Putin hasn’t said anything negative first.
  • Didn’t yell at Putin on camera about Mueller’s brand new accusations that he has yet to see any evidence on.





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