Top Cities Worldwide by number of Skyscrapers (≥150 m) and Decade of Completion

by LivinAWestLife

Tool: Google Sheets


This is my first amateur post to r/dataisbeautiful! As a Hong Konger, I’ve always had a love for skyscrapers, and I was interested in the development of skyscrapers in various cities over time, especially in regards to economic growth patterns and geographical and demographical factors.

The data is completely from, and may diverge only slightly with the data on Wikipedia’s “Cities with most skyscrapers” article. The top 10 cities were taken directly from said Wikipedia article. I used Google Sheets’ Graph function to make this graph. Several notes:

Only buildings above a height of 150 meters (492 ft) are counted.

The lowest column represents the latest (current) decade, while upper columns represent former decades.

Does not include buildings currently under construction; only includes “architecturally topped out”, “structurally topped out”, or “completed” buildings (as determined by

Does not include demolished or destroyed buildings, such as the World Trade Center in New York.

Does not include towers without sufficient floor area, as per the definition of “building”.

I will try to make an updated version in the future, specifically one regarding American cities! Feel free to give me any criticism about the process or design (which I know is bad, as I’m using Google Sheets). I apologize in advance for the numbers in the chart being off, but I can’t seem to fix it in Google Sheets.


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