Top Democrat agrees $3.5 trillion budget bill is ‘Democratic wish list’

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A top House Democrat conceded that his party’s go-it-alone $3.5 trillion budget resolution is essentially a Democratic wish list of social programs and spending.

Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth, chairman of the House Budget Committee, appeared on CNBC Tuesday morning to discuss the infrastructure proposal.

Host Joe Kernen teased him about the Democrats’ sweeping plan, which includes a civilian climate corps , a pathway to citizenship for millions, and money for preschool. Referencing a previous Democratic description of the bill as “soft infrastructure,” Kernen said that he had a better term to suggest.

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“What about metaphysical infrastructure?” Kernen said, or “spiritual” infrastructure.

“I think things like early childhood education and community college and other things like that are not metaphysical. They’re critical,” Yarmuth responded.

“Congressman, it’s not infrastructure. It’s a Democratic wish list for the last 50 years,” Kernen said.


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