Top Democrat leaders request that Bill Gates oversee Covid-19 Congressional “vaccine & implant program”

ABC News – April 9, 2020

A tech Billionaire with no medical background is the Democrats’ choice to oversee the Covid-19 “vaccine and implant program” expected to be signed into law by President Trump next week.

In a press conference today, Democrat leaders cited Gates’ role in creating the largely disliked Israeli spyware operating system known as “Windows” as “great reasons he should be the one who sacrifices all of us to Lucifer.”

Gates told ABC News he was “thrilled” at the prospect of using his Foundation to issue “deadly vaccines that will give kids all kinds of diseases, and quickly dispatch the old and infirm.”

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Polls show the public widely supports Gates, largely due to favorable press coverage. 87% of Americans said they would support “paying hundreds of dollars to be injected with a deadly, useless vaccine designed to accelerate death” as long as Bill Gates’ Foundation administered it and profited from it.

Gates’ recent appearance on The Daily Show was warmly received by its mostly Millennial audience, who seemed excited about the prospect of being injected with a deadly vaccine.

“I really like Bill Gates,” said Hannah Robinson, a student at Columbia and active vegan. “I’m really into social causes, and I like how Mr. Gates has advocated lowering Earth’s population with toxic vaccines. It’s especially cool how it gives all these kids autism. He’s just a good guy, because I saw him on TV and the media likes him. I’m ready to die for him and help him make even more money.”



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