Top Five Things I Observed Attending Yesterday’s Bernie Rally in Denver

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by Maybeiwillbeokay

Me and my (all somewhat conservative) friends figured it would be fun to get really high/drunk and attend yesterday’s Bernie rally in Denver. You know, just stupid kid stuff, lol.

We went to just chill, blend in, and have a good time, but we gained so much insight into how depraved and toxic the whole Bernie culture really is. It’s hard to get this level of insight just through reading someone’s observations, so, as painful as it is, I’d legitimately suggest actually attending a Bernie rally sometime just to get the best idea of the whole culture/mentality there. Still, I’d like to list some of my own subjective observations of the events of last night:

1) There was a strong presence of drugs.

I know this is hypocritical coming from someone who was high at the rally, but a surprising amount of people in attendance were heavily intoxicated. I’m not just talking about weed or booze, either– I saw many people who were noticeably tweaked out, a couple people with dimebags of various powders, people with saucer pupils, etc.

2) There was a lot of sexual depravity.

My female friend was groped multiple times and even I, a male, was groped a couple of times. In fact, we even had a woman flash her breasts at us. We also observed numerous sexual activities going on around us– nothing extremely explicit for the most part, but still.

3) There was a noticeable lack of racial diversity in attendance.

For a campaign that touts unheard-of levels of support from racial minorities, there was a very noticeable absence of racial diversity in the audience. I’m 6’3″ and I stood on my toes trying to find one racial minority that wasn’t hand selected to be on the stage behind Bernie. For the life of me, I couldn’t spot one, and that was even more apparent given that the rally took place in the heart of Denver, a very racially diverse city.

Google pictures of Las Vegas in the ’50s, imagine more dyed hair, and you’ll know what I mean.

4) The rally was surprisingly low energy.

Despite a decent crowd size, people seemed to mostly talk amongst themselves– there was very little actual cheering, considering the crowd size. The only times people would raise their signs was when the staffers would instruct them to. There were scattered groups of people just quietly sitting on the ground. The whole environment simply felt uncomfortable and dead.

5) The whole rally was built on fear.

The arguments for Bernie presented by the main speakers were all fear-based. Fear/hatred of guns. Fear/hatred of whites and white culture. Fear/hatred of our healthcare system. Just to name a few. These were all ideas explicitly shared by the speakers/cheered on by the audience (again, an overwhelmingly white audience).

Even the staffers went around trying to strike fear/hatred into the attendees. For example, there was a group of peaceful individuals near us who were wearing conservative getup– think MAGA hats, etc. We watched as they were approached and harassed relentlessly, but of course they remained 100% peaceful and civil during every interaction. About five minutes later, a staffer went around approaching attendees to warn them that “there’s a group of white supremacist proud boys” and “if they attack anybody, do not engage with them and instead alert a staffer.” But of course it was apparent the whole time that the Trump supporters would remain peaceful! They were keeping to themselves unless approached, and even when they were being screamed at, they were sure to keep their voices/tempers down and their attitudes respectful.

It was all very surreal, and not in a good way. Definitely gave us all a whole new perspective on Bernie culture.



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