Top Five Worst cases of Hyperinflation in History – Based on economists Steve Hanke and Nikolas Krus’ 2012 ranking

TOP Five Worst cases of Hyperinflation in History | Business Explainer Video

Hyperinflation is a very destructive phenomenon. Out of control inflation leads to currency devaluation and bizarre situations, like a loaf of bread costing 200 billion. The American economist Philip Cagan was the first to classify hyperinflation. He stated that the phenomenon happens when a country’s inflation rate exceeds 50% per month. Based on this, economists Steve Hanke and Nikolas Krus created the Hyperinflation ranking. The video explains the worst five cases of hyperinflation in the last 100 years. The top five include post-World War II Greece, Germany’s Weimar Republic, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, and Post War Hungary.

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00:00​ intro
02:31​ Greece Hyperinflation during World War II
04:28​ Hyperinflation in Germany during the Weimar Republic
07:17​ Hyperinflation in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
09:42​ Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe
12:35​ Worst Hyperinflation in History: Post II World War in Hungary



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