Top NATO Scientist With High-Level Security Clearance Spied For Chinese Intelligence!

Intelligence services for the country of Estonia have reportedly uncovered that one of its top scientists had been recruited by Chinese military intelligence and was working at a sensitive NATO research institution specializing in maritime and submarine research, according to a bombshell Daily Beast report.

It’s been revealed that the spy, identified as 57-year old Tarmo Kõuts, was recently arrested and stood trial last week. The man “renowned in the Estonian scientific community for his research” was convicted of espionage and handed a three year prison sentence (reportedly the “lighter” sentence was due to his case not being deemed “treason”).

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While Baltic countries’ intelligence services have been heavily focused on exposing Russian plots and operatives, it’s believed that Chinese operatives have recently made deep inroads into Eastern Europe, despite this latest case being the first conviction of its kind.


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