Top Obama Admin Officials Testify Under Oath There Was NEVER ANY EVIDENCE of Russia Collusion by the Trump Campaign – SILENCE?

President Trump, in a Friday morning interview on “Fox & Friends,” said there would be “more to come” after the release of a trove of House Intelligence Committee transcripts — which showed Obama-era officials saying they had no “empirical evidence” of the Trump campaign conspiring with Russia to gain an edge in the 2016 election.

The Trump comments come after sources told Fox News on Thursday night that a further document release could take place in the coming days. Sources said the tranche of documents would be “a bombshell,” hinting that the documents would show high-level Obama administration involvement in the origin of the Russia investigation.


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Mostly met with silence.

Where are all the Russiatards on this latest development?

Years of lies exposed by the people who told them.

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