Tornado in China kills 6, injures 190

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A tornado tore through a bustling city in northeastern China Wednesday evening, killing six and injuring at least 190. Images posted to social media show a large tornado tearing through Kaiyuan City in China’s Liaoning Province around 5:15 p.m. local time. The twister reportedly knocked out power and damaged buildings along its path, particularly in the industrial district of Tiexi, the Global Times reported. From RSOE

The US has been left in the shadows on the TORNADO front. China is ‘spinning’ (Video)

This is the Weather Channel story of the twister that just occurred (footage in link). Here is the same footage of the beast just uploaded on you tube.

I was posting the thread about the increase of F5 monsters in China when this story just broke.

Bye bye Tornado Alley, hello China Twister Town.

I thought the ‘big un’s’ were predominantly in the Southern States.


Crazy footage in this one below at 0:50. Never seen that length of spout behave like that.


h/t ayr


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