Toronto Construction Executive Michael Beattie Rebrands with Beattie Infrastructure Inc.

Toronto-based business executive Michael Beattie has decided to move forward with the realignment of his construction business, renaming it Beattie Infrastructure, Inc.  Beattie’s parent company, MBM Investments Corp., will continue to operate by offering clients financial and management services.  Beattie serves as the President and CEO of both companies.

Beattie explains the announcement comes after much deliberation on how he envisions the construction company moving forward in the future.


“In order to expand Beattie Infrastructure services and maintain excellent business practices during the demands of change, I thought there was no time like the present to streamline the focus of our construction projects under one umbrella.”

Michael Beattie has been providing construction and operations management in Canada and the United States since 1995, employing a skilled team of construction experts and professionals.  Michael himself oversees the operations on large contracts, serving as the project manager and has served clients in a variety of industry areas, including road engineering, road operations and maintenance.  

Understanding that a key to operating a good business lies in client relationships, providing industry-leading service and expertise will remain at the forefront of Beattie Infrastructure.


I can’t speak for our competition, but Beattie Infrastructure takes a relationship approach to each job and focuses on quality work and meeting established deadlines”.

Beattie adds,  “One thing I learned during the early years of my career was to eagerly accept responsibility even when I was inexperienced. Some people do this more easily than others.  I learned to roll with the punches instead of waiting around for an issue to arise. That doesn’t mean that people who prefer more preparation can’t be good leaders, because early success fuels anyone’s confidence for the next project.”

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Michael Beattie will continue to operate MBM Investments Corp., which provides financial and business management as its core service offerings.  The company has gained a reputation for guiding struggling businesses through financial hardships and helping them reclaim their organizational strength.  In particular, Beattie and his team at MBM Investments Corp. have extensive experience in the following areas: buying and managing companies in trouble, mergers and acquisitions, working in leveraged buyouts, and developing financial sponsorship strategies for public and private equity companies.


On the advice he gives to a business in crisis, Beattie says having a plan is key.

“Lots of crises can be avoided by good planning. In construction, knowing how to negotiate and controlling costs is especially important. But sometimes issues arise that are out of your control. You can either complain about having to handle a difficult situation, or you can decide to be the person who willingly handles a difficult situation.”


In addition to having a crisis management plan in place, Beattie suggests managers need to be aware of the risks before they occur.

“This is a fast-changing business environment and corporate managers are jumping from one fire to another. Companies need to develop problem-solving strategies so that while they are identifying risks, they can also plan how to lessen those risks.”



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