Tough-on-crime candidates win across U.S.

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On a night when tough-on-crime questions were on ballots, two of the biggest decisions for more policing came in the New York City mayoral race and in a Minneapolis referendum, with most other, similarly pro-police candidates in other cities also doing well.

The Minneapolis referendum to replace the city’s police department and its required minimum of officers with a new Department of Public Safety failed on Tuesday. The ballot question required 51% of the vote to pass but failed 44% to 57% with 133 out of 136 precincts reporting, according to Fox News.

In Cleveland, however, a ballot question on creating a civilian commission to hire and fire police officers is at 58.5% for and 41.5% against, with 83% of precincts reporting, Spectrum News reported.

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The city’s Democratic mayoral candidate, Justin Bibb, who supports the initiative, is also in the lead at 61.8%, over his opponent, GOP candidate Kevin Kelley, at 38.2%. Bibb declared victory Tuesday evening, with Kelley conceding at about 10:30 p.m., according to WKYC.

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