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china post tracking ( China Post Group Company ) is a state-owned enterprise that operates the official postal service of China, was founded in 1997 and located in the Chinese capital Beijing and works within this large company with over 800,000 employees. Due to the development of the e-commerce industry and since China is considered to be the factory of the world, most of the e-commerce sites use China post to send parcels to the world due to its low cost. And China Post is available on many international postal services, including small parcels and parcels as well as EMS.

China post tracking

4TRACKING saves you a lot of time searching for China post tracking websites, which are hard to find. This is why 4TRACKING exists to make this process easier for you, you just need to enter the tracking number for China Post shipping in the input bar above and hit the Tracking button and wait a few seconds to get the latest updates and location information of the package. You can also track other shipments from other companies, you can check this by visiting our main page.

Chinese postal service

International services for China Post include Small Parcel, Large Package and EMS. China Post Small Parcel and Large Parcel can be tracked if registered. According to the methods of transportation, it can be divided into three categories:

  • Parcel and Surface Parcel (SAL)
  • China Post mail/parcel is the most used, cheap and convenient one
  • China Post EMS is faster than China Post Mail but more expensive

Small parcels China Post

China Post Air Small Parcel Mail ships lightweight items from China all over the world. This service is considered less expensive than many other companies and packages can be sent that meet the following conditions:

  • Be less than 2 kilograms
  • Be less than 90cm in length, width and depth together. The largest dimensions must not exceed 60 cm.

This service is widely used due to the expansion of e-commerce around the world, provided by sites such as Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.

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China Post Plus ordinary small packet

This mail is unregistered and characterized as low cost, but it cannot be tracked and compensation cannot be obtained if it is lost.

Registered parcels

This type is more expensive, but it provides a tracking service and is widely used in the e-commerce field for the transport of clothes, accessories and electronic products …

China EMS (Express Mail Service)

It is a freight delivery service provided by China Post Corporation, logistics and other postal companies in the world. This service is the fastest of China Post’s services, which delivers documents, materials, urgent letters and all kinds of goods to and from other countries with high speed and high reliability.

China Post tracking number for small parcels

The tracking number consists of 13 symbols starting with R and another letter, followed by 9 numbers and the symbol ending with “CN”. For example “RL123456789CN”

China Post Tracking Number for Small Packet Plus

The tracking number consists of 9 numbers (123456789) or 13 symbols starting with U and another letter followed by 9 numbers and ending with “CN”. For example “UB123456789CN”

How long does it take to receive “China Post small packages”?

It takes 5 to 10 days for these small packages to reach other Asian countries, 7 to 15 days to America and Europe, and 7 to 30 days to other countries.

Compensation for a lost parcel

You can get compensation for registered mail where China post will assess the value of the goods and compensate you, but you cannot recover the registration fee.

for unregistered mail, no compensation can be obtained

China international mail packages

China Post provides this service for packages weighing more than two kilograms and less than 20, 30 or 40 kilograms. It is relatively slow compared to other courier services, but it is much cheaper and can be tracked if registered.

Track the unregistered China Post parcel

Unregistered parcels can only be tracked when crossing into Chinese territory. And after its exit from China, it is no longer traceable as a cheap delivery, so it is not recorded during the crossing. The tracking number, in this case, is a mixture of 13 numbers and letters and starts with the letter U. The postal service in Kazakhstan is considered an exception to this rule. Unregistered packages can be tracked there.

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China Post Tracking Number Format

China Post takes many different forms and each time Chinese post comes out with a new format, but in general, these are the most important forms you will get if you have a tracking number for Chinese post or one of its services as mentioned above:

(# = Letter / * = number /! = Number or letter)

A # *** *** *** CN

B # *** *** *** CN

C # *** *** *** CN

AND # *** *** *** CN

F # *** *** *** CN

L # *** *** *** CN

P # *** *** *** CN

R # *** *** *** CN

S # *** *** *** CN

U # *** *** *** CN

V # *** *** *** CN

68 *** *** * *** *** *** *

Estimated arrival time of the package shipped by “China Post Air Mail”

The delivery time is usually decided by the post office processing time and customs clearance conditions.


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