Trade War, COVID, Vaccines, China Market Crash Explained

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Let me help demystify some things for you. No I am not sourcing S*** besides what’s public but this is widely known in the right circles, no you don’t have to believe me. But this may help everyone understand and relax:

1. China “Lost The Trade War” v Trump but they were not admitting defeat. If you followed it the sudden caving into trump was a bit shocking. China specifically used an act of force majeure clause to include pandemics get out of it, they even specifically cited pandemic and SARS

2. China releases COVID-19 from the Wuhan Virology Institute intentionally, thus releasing them from the trade deal and sending the global economic into free fall. Upon doing this they run an all out propaganda campaign to downplay the Virus while they suck up all the PPE and medical supplies on the market. Thus they believe that this will give them the upper hand in the fallout.

3. Trump and the US use the US Military to launch operation Warp Speed designed to create an mRNA vaccine that will cause ADE. Knowing full well if they vaccinate the world that this thing will slow burn right back to China.

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Yes the US cares just as little about human life as China, my grandfather would have been the first to tell you being on the Beaches of Normandy.

4. China has figured the mRNA/Vaccine counterpunch, out so they’ve sprung into full lockdown:

Just to give you an idea they figure it out around early July, look at when they cut their reserve rate or RRR they hadn’t done that since Jan 1 2020, because they knew about the original covid release.

5. Chinas latest attack back? They’re capping off their own finical market, DiDi was a pearl harbor that was the kick off of an all out war on wall street.

Evergrade is having a Lehman like moment, they were downgraded today, Tencent is down 9% as of this posting and you’ve seen nothing yet. They’re crashing their own markets intentionally and I you’ll see 50-60%+ more downside as evidence.

See we don’t fight Kinetic war anymore, it’s fought like this. Just read:,

Unrestricted Warfare it’s well documented that this is out they want to fight

No one here has to believe me, I am just putting out there so that perhaps someone will get a peace of mind. I have 0 idea what comes next. But you are witnessing punch and counter punch between the US and China or what the romans called Thucydides Trap.

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This war is fought in four ways:

1. Information
2. Economic
3. Cyber
4. Biological

If it becomes Kinetic, we win.

Stay safe patriots.



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