TRAGIC: Italian Doctors Treating Coronavirus Told To Discriminate Against Elderly Patients: They “Will be Left to Die”

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Doctors Treating Coronavirus Told to Discriminate Against Elderly Patients: They “Will be Left to Die”

By Steven Ertelt
March 12, 2020 – 1:00 PM
Rome, Italy

The world is in a state of paranoia currently as nations try to combat the spread and effect of the coronavirus. Italy is facing the worst of the crisis right now and its medical system has descended into a state of chaos, according to news reports about the situation there.

One doctor who is treating patients there likened the situation to treating patients in a battlefield, like Vietnam or the aftermath of the attacks on Pearl Harbor and having to make split-second decisions on which patients will be treated and which ones will be denied care after a quick triage.

Shockingly, the same anti-life rationing ethic that is pervading medicine nowadays when it comes to the promotion of euthanasia and assisted suicide has taken hold in Italy, as elderly and disabled patients face discrimination because they are not young and healthy.

And one news report indicates an Italian medical college has issued shocking guidelines to doctors and medical professionals telling them to just let elderly patients die. As The Atlantic reports:

Those who are too old to have a high likelihood of recovery, or who have too low a number of “life-years” left even if they should survive, will be left to die. This sounds cruel, but the alternative, the document argues, is no better. “In case of a total saturation of resources, maintaining the criterion of ‘first come, first served’ would amount to a decision to exclude late-arriving patients from access to intensive care.”


Italy has socialized medicine.

Italy’s health care system is a regionally based national health service that provides universal coverage largely free of charge at the point of delivery. The main source of financing is national and regional taxes, supplemented by copayments for pharmaceuticals and outpatient care.


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