Train Derailment – No Accident – Release The Memo!

by Ruby Henley
Dr. Jerome Corsi asks, “with all roads closed for security reasons, how did DUMP TRUCK get there?  QAnon had said “warning False Flag MONDAY.”  If you read the following document from Dr. Corsi, you will understand what QAnon said.
I have told you I am not one who goes and reads what QAnon posts, but most of those on YouTube do. Dr. Jerome Corsi believes in Q and follows him.  I respect Dr. Corsi, and I admit I am starting to listen to what he is saying.

Dr. Corsi believes QAnon is an elite military strategist.  
Dr. Corsi said that Barack Obama has hired an attorney, due to what is coming with the “memo.”
Back to the Amtrak train derailment:  On Wednesday, members of Congress were on a chartered AMTRAK train traveling from Washington DC to the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia to strategize. That train somehow struck a truck which was crossing the railroad tracks.
The truck driver was killed, but fortunately no members of Congress were seriously hurt.  It is a miracle when you look at the photo of the train.
Beneath the Resort is a Continuity of Government Bunker built specifically for Congress.  Now this is chilling, David M. Rothschild tweeted before President trump’s State of the Union address “no one is going to remember this speech in the morning?”
Did Rothschild know (or think) that Congress was going to be wiped out in a train wreck?
The below is a catch from what Q said from Dr. Corsi’s above link:   

I am trying to find more on the fact there were two trucks – not one.  However, it is being said it was a “hit” against Congress.
Local roads near the train tracks were all CLOSED FOR SECURITY.  How did the truck or trucks get to the train tracks?
Think about this. How did the helicopter providing security miss what was happening?  The helicopter should have seen what was happening below.  If the helicopter saw the truck, it could have radioed the train telling it to stop.  What is going on?

You cannot ask yourself the above questions without realizing something is terribly amiss.
What if those members of Congress on the Amtrak were those involved in voting to release the memo?
What if they were going to Greenbriar to be protected throughout this dangerous time?