Train Derailment – No Accident – Release The Memo!

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by Ruby Henley
Dr. Jerome Corsi asks, “with all roads closed for security reasons, how did DUMP TRUCK get there?  QAnon had said “warning False Flag MONDAY.”  If you read the following document from Dr. Corsi, you will understand what QAnon said.
I have told you I am not one who goes and reads what QAnon posts, but most of those on YouTube do. Dr. Jerome Corsi believes in Q and follows him.  I respect Dr. Corsi, and I admit I am starting to listen to what he is saying.

Dr. Corsi believes QAnon is an elite military strategist.  
Dr. Corsi said that Barack Obama has hired an attorney, due to what is coming with the “memo.”
Back to the Amtrak train derailment:  On Wednesday, members of Congress were on a chartered AMTRAK train traveling from Washington DC to the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia to strategize. That train somehow struck a truck which was crossing the railroad tracks.
The truck driver was killed, but fortunately no members of Congress were seriously hurt.  It is a miracle when you look at the photo of the train.
Beneath the Resort is a Continuity of Government Bunker built specifically for Congress.  Now this is chilling, David M. Rothschild tweeted before President trump’s State of the Union address “no one is going to remember this speech in the morning?”
Did Rothschild know (or think) that Congress was going to be wiped out in a train wreck?
The below is a catch from what Q said from Dr. Corsi’s above link:   

I am trying to find more on the fact there were two trucks – not one.  However, it is being said it was a “hit” against Congress.
Local roads near the train tracks were all CLOSED FOR SECURITY.  How did the truck or trucks get to the train tracks?
Think about this. How did the helicopter providing security miss what was happening?  The helicopter should have seen what was happening below.  If the helicopter saw the truck, it could have radioed the train telling it to stop.  What is going on?

You cannot ask yourself the above questions without realizing something is terribly amiss.
What if those members of Congress on the Amtrak were those involved in voting to release the memo?
What if they were going to Greenbriar to be protected throughout this dangerous time?


23 thoughts on “Train Derailment – No Accident – Release The Memo!

  1. “Hahahahahahahaha. No one is going to remember this speech in the morning.” Simply means that Trump is easily forgettable. Does not have to mean anything else. Accident is real but the connection is fake news.

    • I looked at that. It seems to me he was having some kind of big laugh at our expanse. I cannot stand that man. He was telling some type of inside joke if you ask me. He has conspired behind Trump’s back just like the others.

    • someone took a picture of the post….11:07 am. The tweet of Kristol said.
      The accident happened about 11:20 am EASTERN time. So. would Kristol’s post show Eastern Time or Central time?
      It depends where he was when he posted. 11:07 Central time is 12:07 Eastern, and thus AFTER the accident not before

  2. If Congress was so vulnerable and valuable at that time, was there a contingent of Marines or three Seals on board in case of such an attack? Things are really becoming interesting.

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  3. My House rep was on the train….He is not on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence…the one that voted on the memo.

  4. This nation SHOULD be wary! The left is not above murder. 2016…there was a murder just about every month AND this is STILL happening. The local police are just quiet about all of the murders. Look at Las Vegas? Nothing is coming out about that. Not one thing! I saw that Vegas music goers being annihilated was just a distraction away from the REAL event…the coup attempt on the Saudi Arabian king who was staying at the Tropicana Hotel that same night. The radical Arabian prince-brother of the king OWNED the 32nd floor on the Mandalay Hotel, and above up to the helicopter pad on the roof. Paddock was working as gun runner for Saudi Arabia and was also an expert pilot. Video shows the KING being escorted to safety by armed guards after the shooting started.
    McCabe was the FBI in charge of the investigation…which he of course covered up from the public’s eyes

    • Robin, I did a story on the video of the man being escorted out being the Prince, and everyone on the Net said it was not the Prince. I still wonder about that.

  5. Anything to do with Charlottesville Virginia is a hoax if you ask me. I’m sorry but I do not buy this “accident” one iota. Something is very very fishy here…. I don’t forget Mr. Fields and the staged car crash into the crowd….and neither should you…….. Lots of fake stuff happened there such as the fake helicopter crash that looked remarkably like a bon fire……
    We should NOT be so easily fooled. Amtrack has accidents all the time….was this staged accident done so that they could get more $$$$ to enrich themselves for needed repairs? Nothing would surprise me less when this is brought out. Sometimes the most obvious is the real answer.
    Where exactly WAS the crossing? And just how far was the truck dragged as there is no trail of garbage all along the way considering it takes a train quite a while for a train to STOP… a HALF MILE OR MORE…..depending on how fast it was going at the time of impact. This is another FAKE staged accident. Trash trucks do not have 3 people onboard….they ususally have a driver and one guy to throw the junk into the truck….so why have another guy in the cab? This screams fake to me. My trash guy is alone in the truck….he is the driver AND the junk thrower….no extra help needed…..

  6. Has anyone published any facts about the three people in the garbage truck? I find it hard to believe that they would stay in the truck with a train commin at them!

  7. Time to fight fire with fire. Obviously the work of one of the many CIA ‘wind up toys’. The military should send a few of their own in the left’s direction, and may the best ‘bots win!

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