Trainwreck Chrissy Teigen Demands For President Trump to “Pay Her Bill.”

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Bimbo Chrissy Teigen, famous for her marriage to John Legend and obscene amounts of plastic surgery, recently demanded for President Trump to pay her medical bills. In her inane Twitter rant, she rambled about her botox implants and blamed the Commander in Chief for her “crippling anxiety,” referring to him as a “POS POTUS.” Nobody will ever mistake Chrissy Teigen for a classy woman; however she is a prime example of the entitlement that exists among liberal elitists. Chrissy has a somewhat successful career as a model; why can she not pay her own medical bill? Better yet, why would she be asking a man she hates to fund her? Can her husband not afford to “pay her bill?”


Chrissy has ever right in the world to dislike the President, but demanding for him to “pay her bill” is absurd. Perhaps she would be able to foot her own bills had she gone easy on the botox and plastic surgery. At this point in America’s history, liberal entitlement is at an all time high. “Pay my bill, POS POTUS” is the same mentality of welfare recipients and other people who do not want to work. The idea that wealthy Americans are obligated to pay for the less fortunate is ridiculous. Wealthy people work hard for their affluence and should not squander it.


The 2016 Presidential election truly unveiled the genuine colors of many liberals. President’s Trump’s victory escalated their lunacy by at least one thousand percent. At some point, the left will have to grow up and accept the fact that they have to pay their own bills. The President is not responsible for Chrissy Teigen’s medical problems or failure to manage her money properly. He is also not obligated to “pay her bill.” To Chrissy Teigen and other entitled liberals like her, I say this: Grow up and pay your own bills. You are not entitled to anyone else’s money.