TRAITORS AT THE GATE: VP Pence Says The CIA Does Not Spy On American Citizens – Judge Napolitano Disagrees – FBI Director Tells Justice Department To Ignore Trump!

by Pamela Williams
I am total shock with what Vice President Pence told Fox News About WIKILEAKS Vault 7 CIA news. But I am in more shock that FBI Director James Comey, the man President Trump kept on as FBI Director, is outright telling the DOJ to ignore President Trump’s accusations of being wiretapped. Comey is making a firm point of telling everyone to ignore Trump’s wiretapping claims…it did not happen. I hate to see two more government entities pop up and cause anymore trouble for President Trump and the American people.
However, I will admit here I did not trust VP Pence to begin with. I cannot explain it exactly, but I can say he is too pro-establishment. We know that President Trump praised WIKILEAKS throughout the Election. If not for Julian Assange, we would not know about the DNC turning on one of its own, Bernie Sanders. We would not know about the crimes of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and others. WIKILEAKS has been and still is a friend of the American people. They are now volunteering to help businesses devise methods of protecting their data from the CIA and from being hacked period. I think that qualifies a pardon by President Trump for Julian Assange. That is what I am praying for.
What Assange has done serves Americans and people the world over. He exposed the criminals within our government, that should not be a crime. It’s contradictory to oppose the CIA wiretapping of the President and at the same time condemn the person who alerted us to countless instances of that identical thing happening to all of us. Bottom line is there is a difference between a criminal and a whistleblower. Assange is a whistleblower.

This is what VP Pence said about WIKILEAKS on Fox News:  Bret Baier asks the Vice President, “Will the Trump administration pursue charges against the WikiLeaks founder.” Pence takes the hard line, for whatever reason and to whatever extent it is sincere, saying, “Trafficking in national security information as is alleged WikiLeaks has done here, is a very serious offense.” He adds, “This President and this administration will take that very seriously and use the full force of the law and the resources of the United States to hold all of those to account that were involved.” He certainly doesn’t seem to be appreciate of Mr. Assange’s contributions.
Baier notes that the FBI is hunting for their mole and that Pence also told him that there is no truth to the statements that the CIA is surveilling US citizens. So much for the old “honest Mike” image, as Judge Napolitano illustrates. Napolitano responds, “I don’t think anybody in the intelligence community takes seriously those denials,” basically saying that Pence is lying. He goes further, saying, “I think the documents that they released, however they got them, so conclusively and unambiguously that the CIA has been plying its tradecraft on Americans, in the United States, even intimately in our homes.”   Napolitano says, ‘We are one step away from totalitarianism when I’m in front of the microwave in my kitchen and they can hear what I’m talking about and when they can use my cell phone as a recording device whether it’s in my pocket or on the front seat of my car. And I am happy that we know about this, because when a violation of constitutional liberties of this magnitude is going on in an organized way by the government, no matter what party controls it, the American people need to know.”

So The Judge does not agree with VP Pence, and that makes two of us. Pence knows that the CIA is spying on all of us. He may not agree with Julian Assange being a whistleblower, but he certainly does not expect the American people to be stupid enough to think what Assange just gave us is a lie. What is going on now with Pence? I thought all I would cover in this report would be Comey telling the DOJ to ignore President Trump’s accusations of a wiretap at Trump Tower. Again I have to say that my gut feeling here is one of condemnation of Pence. Now lets look at what FBI Director James Comey is doing to President Trump. I am so mad!
Mike Huckabee also appeared on Fox to discuss FBI Director James Comey’s outright betrayal of President Donald Trump. Actually one could say if Comey is telling the Justice Department to ignore Trump’s accusations of a wire tap, you could say he is calling Trump a liar. How else can you say it? It is being said, Comey is trying to protect the FBI’s reputation. If he has to do that by lying about the President, it is time for Comey to resign. President Trump kept him on, even when Washington had turned on him. Trump must be so disappointed in him, as he sould tell the truth at all cost.

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The subject of FBI Director Comey is raised, with a Michael Goodwin article in the New York Post in which Bream quotes him as saying, “Comey’s aggressive self-righteousness makes him bigger than the institution he leads and everybody in Washington knows that crossing him can be dangerous to your career.”
Huckabee agrees with Goodwin, saying, “James Comey has assumed the position that no FBI director should assume. We saw what happened when a heavy-handed FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, used what he knew to pressure politicians to get what he wanted. That’s dangerous, Shannon. This is not how our country works. This is how other countries work that are totalitarian governments. And if James Comey is going to play both sides and play politics, and use his position and information he has to leverage it for power, then I think it’s time for him to go.”

Published on Mar 9, 2017

Huckabee’s comments are much less measured and much more honest than those of General Hayden. He says, “There are some things that we need to know about as American citizens, particularly if it potentially violates every constitutional right that Americans have. If our government is spying on us, if our government is holding back secrets about us and stealing things from us in the way of information, then something is rotten, not just in Denmark. It’s rotten in DC and we’ve got to get to the bottom of it because otherwise we don’t have this great republic that most of us believe that we have.”
Huckabee says, “That’s why Shannon, this is terrible. I think this thing stinks bigger than the hog barn at the Iowa State Fair. And even when Michael Hayden talks, he doesn’t say that the Russians did it. He says, ‘I think they might have.’ Here’s what we do know. There was information being shared by the Obama administration to the Clinton campaign. Robbie Mook said that on Tuesday on Fox and Friends.