TRAVEL HELL: Hundreds of passengers stuck at JFK urinating in seats, having panic attacks…

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Chaos erupted at New York’s JFK Airport on Sunday night after hundreds of JetBlue passengers were left stranded on the tarmac for hours.

Other airline passengers griped that they were held “hostage” in the airport’s terminals overnight since JetBlue refused to cancel their flights until the last minute amid weather delays.

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At one point, about 20 inbound flights were scattered on the tarmac — some for several hours — because they were unable to reach a gate, according to aviation expert Jason Rabinowitz.

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Half a dozen flights were abruptly diverted to Newark Airport in New Jersey, tracking site Flight Aware showed.

Furious passengers took to social media to demand an explanation from JetBlue, with some saying they were provided vague updates from airline staff throughout the ordeal.


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