Treason Through Economic Sabotage.

by MrAnderson888

We can all clearly see the Gov is trying to sabotage the economy of the entire planet.

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  1. They tell businesses to shut down. Many of those businesses were already swimming in debt. This made it worst.
  2. They forced many places that later opened to only accept half their normal customers (ie in restaurants)
  3. Then they manipulated companies into firing people for not getting the jab. Millions of people lost their job.
  4. Now they are raising the prices on everything to further squeeze the people.

Do you all realize that this will end in a complete catastrophe unless we come up with an alternative method of trade ASAP? So far I came up with expanding trade beyond just money. We can also trade goods and services. Even a broke person can wash dishes for an hour in exchange for a good meal. This way, when money runs out, people can continue commerce with goods and services. All we have to do is promote in in the real world until many people jump on board.

This is serious folks. Don’t let them destroy our country. It’s already taken a heavy beating and we need to rescue it as a people.



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