Treason, Traitors and Obama: The Links that Show Obama is Trying to Steal Back Power

by Mark Angelides

What is the name for a group that tries to halt the business of government? And what if that group is sponsored by funds from a foreign nation or national? And then, if that group engage in rioting, attacking political and non-political opponents (physically and verbally), damage property and attempt to frustrate/hinder the police force from doing its duty? What would you call them? Treasonous? Traitors? Enemies? They call themselves “Organizing for Action” (OFA), and they’re being directed by former president Barack Obama.
They have more than 250 branches across the United States, 30,000 plus people on staff, and a war chest upwards of $40 million. The OFA’s stated aims (as shown on their website) include among others:

  • Turning up the heat on climate change deniers
  • Calling for lawmakers to stop standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform
  • Helping people get health coverage, and telling the stories of the millions who are seeing the life-saving benefits of Obamacare

Treason is defined as: the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.
Traitor is defined as: a person who betrays his or her country : a person who commits treason.
Enemy is defined as: a person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.
Be under no illusions; this group’s aim is to oust President Trump before any of his policies can be implemented and return to the “Legacy of Obama”. Former Obama strategist, Eric Holder is coordinating efforts on behalf of The Obama Foundation in coordination with OFA.

As to how it can be said that this group is under foreign influence, the best (and easiest) way is always to start with the money trail.

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  • OFA receives support, administration and funding from the The Obama Foundation. (Check out and look at the bottom of the home page.)
  • The Obama Foundation receives funding from the Open Society Foundation.
  • The Opens Society Foundation belongs to George Soros.

Or if you prefer an alternate route:
Organize for Action donations are paid through ActBlue Civic.
ActBlue Civic are a clearing house for Democrat party funds who receive money from directly from George Soros (even though they denied it).

All of these roads eventually lead to George Soros and his cabal. George Soros is a non-American fronting billions of dollars from Globalists through his Open Society Foundation with the aim of shaping the Rule of Law and democratic process in the United States.
This is but one more piece of the puzzle for the eventual dissolution of democratic government in its recognizable form. Each action these groups take is not only designed to shut down one avenue of freedom or policy, but also to block further efforts. Setting laws in place, setting precedents with which to control and influence future governments and binding successive leaders.
A traitor by any other name…


21 thoughts on “Treason, Traitors and Obama: The Links that Show Obama is Trying to Steal Back Power”

  1. Round them up and throw them into the toilet let Trump do his job and flush them down the drain! GET THEM NOW!
    The times are ah changin….GAME ON,,,,,,.its time to take out the trash and flush the toilets!
    Trump is the plumber who will show you his bum when he is fixing your toilet.
    The job gets done and it’s done right! He does not care if the turd is republican,
    democrat, or other, white, journalist, black or brown he sees a POS that got to
    go down the drain! God bless all the plumbers in the world who keep the toilets flushing!
    The fight continues..time to purge the criminals and hang the traitors from our political system..
    …time to apprehend those who would trash our Constitution, violate our laws, willfully destroy our Christian principles!
    If you work for a TLA dot gov agency and know the truth, honor your oath, NOW!
    This is NOT the time for good men to do nothing! A Final Strike from you is now required! GOD be with you.
    MoveOn, BLM and OTHERS Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country?????
    George Soros DNC paid thugs are afoot. ! !!!! GET George Sorosl. !!!!
    2+2=4 NOT 5 Who is George Soros? he is NOT John Gault!
    Do not blame the younger collage kids for they:
    ” Do not Know and do NOT know they don’t Know” Mark Scott.
    The schools have been politicize by left wing criminals! Hey KIDS Time to
    get your head out of your professors bum and come up for some fresh air!
    Time to get it right, your party is in Hillary’s crime purse and Final
    Strike is now require! Helping Hand for TRUMP was successful……….now is the time for Finial Strike!!!….

    • Citizens are responsible for the performance of the nation and its leadership cadre.
      Yet Americans have surrendered their to the Rich Wasps & Jews of Wall Street.
      The result will be a nation in turmoil and the loss of Civil & Constitutional Rights.
      But sadly, too many citizens want to sleep through their responsibilities.

    • ….I too would like to see action in areas we know are easily prosecutable, such as Hillary’s e-mails and scandalous conduct while at The State Department. However…the pool of corruption is so wide, so long and so deep….I would imagine when pulling one thread of corruption, it unravels to many others? So hopefully…perhaps they are building bigger, most vast cases against these people…and want their ducks-in-a-row before taking action? I mean, really…they have only had “power” now for less than a month. Consider that.
      RJ O’Guillory

  2. I think Obanana is deep in his own delusional cesspool. Americans have hated the Establishment whose agents are including Obanana. This Delusional Obanana has not known when his forge birth certificate will hit him. Just give Obanana sometime he will learn the hard way when the FBI comes knocking his door.

    • Good observation…one can only hope…his narcissist day dreams could bite him in the posterior…one hopes…and if Trump manages to do so…remember, Donald, no prisoners!

  3. And Obama loaded up the district courts, particularly the 9th Circuit!!!! Remember when a judge would come up with a common sense decision and within 24hrs another judge would have overruled him? The Progressive/Soros/NWO agenda is like a spiderous cancer seeping everywhere! We have Repubs who are on the take and have long ago blurred the lines between dems and repubs!!! The swamp is wide and very deep!

    • I don’t think so Alabama…he certainly would not transmit it openly if he was preparing an action…looks like a “no brainer”, but if you have 3 intelligence agencies that have their own agenda, or who collectively cannot be trusted, just where does that leave you…if you were POTUS?

  4. Trump…Mr. President you appear to have a well oiled traitors group interfering with your governing efforts, having the goal of overturning America…those who appear to be in support of this , and who direct and finance those who are doing damage to our government from within as well as outside of the country…includes Obama, George Soros…and from within the inactions of Ryan and McConnell suggest their motives to be equally destructive and in support of Soros and Obama..
    I would quickly identify who and what agency to trust and take action as necessary…we are running out of time..


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